Field Instruments

BIGSEA has Level transmitters capable of measuring liquids or solids independent of foam or emulsified. We have the correct tools to meet your requirement, we can monitor level in fuel tank, water tank, seawater tank and we have the best suitable level instrument to measure your process accurately.

Pressure instruments are commonly used for level measurement and medium density. The differential pressure can be used to determine flow rates and blockage to the pump’s strainer. Pressure is a versatile process variable that provides many possibilities in the industry. BIGSEA can advise the most cost-effective and readily available solution to comply with your specific requirements.

We have a panoply of Temperature transmitters and controllers available to capture various temperatures – from the very low temperature from cryogenics to the very high temperature at the Engine’s exhaust process application. With specialized protective thermowells to handle the most demanding temperature applications, it simplifies the maintenance and replacement process at competitive prices in line with the robust market.

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